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This is a very useful keychain UV Black light, perfect to charge your glow in the dark jewelry. Easier to press with the small resin logo sticker!

After 15-20 seconds charging it will make your jewelry glow instantly. This is for one keychain black light.

I always have one in my purse, if you want to make your jewelry glow in a darker place like a restaurant or with your friends outside at night, it's fantastic!

Press and hold the push button to turn on the light. Another selector ON/OFF switch is provided for switching ON the light continuously.

The battery can be change when needed.

Customer Reviews

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Works perfectly and is a cute portable UV light

The item looks great and is just the right size to be portable and very useful as a companion for glow items available here. What I really like is the availability of the ON/OFF switch on this item. Thanks for making it available to add to my order!

Amazing Glow!

Most amazing replica I've come across! The glow pushes the wow factor over the top! Would highly recommend over all others out there!

Awsome for the price

Ive looked at other rings on line of The One Ring and by far for the money and the quality this beats out the rest hands down. the elvish writing is clean and glows bright (I got the orange glow) and clear. i would deffinelty recommend and will most likely be buying another one ib the near future.

Lord of the Rings glow ring

Bought the gold ring with orange letters. The Quenya script is very good and the orange glow once the ring is charged is realistic. You should have seen the eyes on my grand nieces when I brought out the ring while reading the first few chapters of The Fellowship of the ring to them


Works perfectly, thank you so much!