Welcome To My World

When I was younger at school I used to draw my teachers with my pencil while listening in class. Years later I discovered pastel! I passed from black and white drawings to a life ‘in colors’! As I grew so did my art. I have a painting I did when I was 24 years old before I get married, without knowing it I painted my daughter exactly what she look like at the age of 18!

My ‘glow in the dark’ jewelry business which was once upon a time just a small passionate hobby is now my full time passion. Working from home, the view of the lake surrounded by the forest with my furry and feathered friends that come to see me daily, my jewelry is inspired on the moment by the view, the weather, the music I listen to, my furry friends or by a word I read or heard somewhere. All is subject to inspiration that flow at a moment’s glance.

Because it is handmade, not one piece is the same and like the rainbow, it can take on colors of time passing by.

Life being in constant evolution, so is my art. So make sure to check every so often to discover what touches you most. Some ‘special’ collections will soon be made available to you.

My dearest wish is that you find in the heart of my creations a touch of love, and of course a little piece of magical that will touch your heart or the one to whom you will give it to.

At last but not least, thank you all for your support and personal notes. Please rest assured that although I am quite busy, I do take the time to read each and every one of you. If I do not respond quickly, kindly note that it is because I am creating a unique and exceptional piece for you or for one of your loved ones to cherish.

May love, peace and light be with you.

(¸¸.•¨¯`♥ Manon ♥