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A very unique 3D stars that glows in the dark turquoise and purple, I did all the small stars with the same product that I use for making my jewelry vibrant colors that glows int the dark for hours. There is also tiny 3D iridescent stars that add a special touch of colors.

Ink color: Blue
Point size: 0.7mm
Size: 145x 12mm

If you have a special idea for a unique pen, do not hesitate to contact me it will be a pleasure to make a personalized pen for you.

This pen is the same one I use every day and I just love it, it is a refilable pen!

I use the highest quality glow in the dark materiel. Compared with regular sulfide photoluminescent pigments it have 10 times higher and longer afterglow luminance and afterglow time.

You have to charge the pendant by holding it under the light a few minutes before you wear it in the dark, it will gradually release its light energy throughout the night. It can be charged by sunlight or with my little keychain black light that makes your jewelry glow instantly in a few seconds!

Here is the link for the black light:

GLOW DURATION according to color:

TURQUOISE: ± 9 hours (brightest in the first hour)
GREEN: ± 12 hours (brightest in the first hour)
DEEP BLUE: ± 6 hours (brightest in the first hour)
ORANGE: ± 20 to 30 minutes (brightest in the first 10 minutes)
PURPLE: ± 30 minutes (can only be recharged under the sun or a black-light)
WHITE: ± 5 hours (brightest in the first hour)
RED: ± 15 minutes (can be charge with regular light)
PINK: ± 30 minutes
YELLOW GREEN: ± 10 minutes but it is the brightest and so impressive, after a few seconds it turn green. Can be charged under any ambient light in a few seconds (light orange on daylight)

Lifespan: ± 20 years (can be charged indefinitely)

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