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This is a very useful keychain UV Black light, perfect to charge your glow in the dark jewelry. Easier to press with the small resin logo sticker!

This is for 1 pc

After 15-20 seconds charging it will make your jewelry glow instantly. This is for one keychain black light.

I always have one in my purse, if you want to make your jewelry glow in a darker place like a restaurant or with your friends outside at night, it's fantastic!

Press and hold the push button to turn on the light. Another selector ON/OFF switch is provided for switching ON the light continuously.

The battery can be change when needed.

Customer Reviews

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Rafael Lambelin
Simple but efficient

The light works well, soft push and it lights up, it's a keychain light, don't know what else you'd expect it to do. The UV lights up the light-up-materials of the jewellery very well, great for showing it off!

Amanda Bragg

Really great product and well worth waiting for it

Shane Burger
Excellent Accessory

Makes the ring glow instantly. Awesome little tool to keep around whenever you want to show off.

Zach Alfeld
Glow material coming out!


I wanted to reach out and express my excitement when I had received my ring. And, although it is stunning, I did have some concerns and disappointment with the ring.
Apart from my own mistake in ordering it a half size too small,(7.0 instead of 7.5), there have been several spots, where the glow material has peeled away leaving numerous gaps in the writing.
I have had it in my possession for a little over a week now, and at this rate, feel I will have none of the glow remnants left I. The very near future.
I wanted to reach out to see if there was anything that could be done to
Remedy any of these issues, and otherwise, seek your advise with maintaining the longevity of the ring going forward. As I stated, the ring is beautiful and couldn’t be more please with that aspect, only these two real flaws, one my own mistake, and the other, seemingly a flaw in the craftsmanship. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much,

Zachariah Alfeld

Janet Y Shattuck

UV Black Light / Keychain Black Light /

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